Teaching is supported by the following studio facilities, which are fully equipped workshops and studios to meet the needs of the students.

There are four Lecture-seminar rooms of 378 sitting places in total, fully equipped with four projection screens, video, slide and overhead projectors, video-tv and PCs.
The Painting studios (325sq.m and 600 sq.m) are fully equipped with chisels, composition settings for drawing and painting, studentís work and storage places and tutorsí offices, the Printmaking studio (135 sq.m) is equipped with two large printing machines, two smaller ones, a basic silk-screen print facility and a Lithographic Press. The Photography studio (135sq.m) serves up to 21 students in the dark room and has a small fully equipped photographic studio facility (lights, backdrops, etc.).
The Sculpture studio (600 sq.m) is fully equipped with chisels and has a well-equipped workshop for wood and metal works, stone-carving, as well as space for plaster and moulds and a large storage area.
The Digital Image Processing-Multimedia and Video studios have two working stations of 80 sq.m each and up to fifty PC work places, with scanners, Printers, Plotter, and a professional video editing suite. There are also the Graphic Design studio and the Animation studio.

The Library
The Library of the Department of Fine Arts and Sciences of Art is located in the Central Library Building and offers a large collection of art books, art journals, exhibition catalogues and online facilities. You can browse online Main Libraryís catalogue at http://www.lib.uoi.gr/en/