Bitsikas Xenofon, Professor, Painting
Dikefalos Konstantinos, Professor, Sculpture
Adamopoulou Areti, Associate Professor, Art History
Christou Athanasios Associate Professor Art History (Renaissance till today)
Dermentzopoulos Christos, Associate Professor, Anthropology of Art, Cinematography
Dedos Zikos, Associate Professor, Fine Arts with emphasis in Art Education
Gokas Evagelos, Associate Professor, Painting
Katsikoudis Nikolaos, Associate Professor, Art History (from prehistoric times to late antiquity)
Artemis Nikolaos, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts with emphasis in Digital Art
Bassanos Kostas, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts with emphasis in Sculpture
Christos Charissis, Assistant Professor, Painting
Dimou Tzavara Anastasia, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Foka Amalia, Assistant Professor, Computer Science: Multimedia Applications for Arts
Galdemis   Christodoulos, Assistant Professor, Engraving
Katsaris Manos, Assistant Professor, Video
Papadimitropoulos Panagiotis, Assistant Professor, Photography
Paschalis Vassilios, Assistant Professor, Multimedia (design, sketch, 3D animation, photographic and digital image)
Smiris Georgios, Assistant Professor, History of Architecture
Solomon Esther, Assistant Professor, Museology
Stathopoulou Urania, Assistant Professor, Printmaking
Tsiodoulos Stefanos, Lecturer, Laography with emphasis in Material Culture and Art