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The present Undergraduate Studies Programme provides a wide range of learning opportunities for anyone interested in Art, with a choice from a range of courses covering various areas and topics of relevant fields.
The Undergraduate Studies Programme cultivates traditional artistic fields, while expanding towards contemporary multidisciplinary practices. Basic and solid knowledge in both theoretical and studio subjects is provided by tutors who use their professional experience and research to inform the curriculum.
The Specialized Courses cover different areas of Art and deepen the studentsí knowledge and involvement with the core courses.

A short description of the structure of the Undergraduate Studies Program is given below:

The Undergraduate Studies Program is divided in two sections:
A. The Introductory / Foundation Courses (First Year)
- History of Ancient Greek Art
- Byzantine Art
- An Introduction to the Anthropology of Art
- An Introduction to the Theory of Art
- Medieval Art
- An Introduction to the Art History studies
- Renaissance Art and Mannerism
- An Introduction to Aesthetics
- Psychology of Art
- Computing, introduction to Digital art
- Studio practice in the fields of: sculpture and painting
- Drawing