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B. The Specialized Degree Orientation Courses (Second, Third and Fourth Year)

In the Specialized Degree Orientation Courses students have two options.
- History and Theory of Art
- Fine Arts, with emphasis on studio practice in Painting and Sculpture.

The one-year (1st -2nd semester) Introductory / Foundation Courses aim to introduce the students to the Art studies and to provide a basic and solid knowledge of theoretical and practical subjects.

In the three following years of study (3rd -8th semester) Specialized Degree Orientation Courses give students the opportunity to choose the orientation that best meets their interests and to get an in-depth knowledge of the courses selected.

The Specialized Degree Orientation Courses allow students to develop a focused and specialized knowledge while broadening their ability to work across a range of disciplines and understand cross-disciplinary issues.

Each course is designed to allow students to gain a deep understanding of the chosen subject while encouraging interdisciplinary debates and activities that are shared by all the courses in the programme of studies.

Download a fully detailed version of the Undergraduate Basic Degree programme in pdf.